Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sunbed Ban in Australia Will Not Save Anyone from Skin Cancer
The Sunbed Ban in Australia Will Not Save Anyone from Skin Cancer
Weak, vulnerable bones and susceptibility to fractures-these are some of the uncomfortable effects of the disabling bone condition, osteoporosis. Currently, 10 million people experience osteoporosis in the United States and another 34 million are at threat of developing the condition. The Surgeon General has named osteoporosis a national health danger and estimated that by 2020 one in two Americans over the age of 50 will be at threat for fractures from osteoporosis or low bone mass.

There are numerous threat aspects related to the development of osteoporosis, including inadequate levels of vitamin D, a nutrient important to the body's absorption of calcium. Recent research has revealed that over 70 percent of females over the age of 50 have low levels of vitamin D, and even females being treated for osteoporosis have low levels of the crucial vitamin. To attend to the demand for greater awareness about low levels of vitamin D, Spirit of Women Hospital Network has coordinated with Dr. Marie Savard, a worldwide recognized females's health specialist, to launch a new vitamin D threat assessment.

"Patients are regularly unaware of the value of vitamin D in bone health and could not know they have low levels of vitamin D. Given its impact on calcium absorption, vitamin D inadequacy is a crucial medical concern for females, specifically those over 50 or those who have been detected with osteoporosis," said Dr. Savard.

In 2005, The American Medical Women's Association released referrals that asked for a rise in vitamin D to 800-1,000 IU daily. The threat assessment will make it possible for females to actively attend to the adequacy of their vitamin D intake and will direct them toward a possible treatment alternative for osteoporosis to go over with their doctors.

"Women today want to be on top of their health to ensure their mobility and freedom for a lifetime. The vitamin D threat assessment will help females recognize threat aspects for osteoporosis and empower them to make crucial decisions about their bone health," said Tanya Abreu, national director of Spirit of Women Hospital Network. "By spreading the word about the value of vitamin D, we hope that females would recognize one of the threat aspects for osteoporosis and do something about it to prevent osteoporosis by speaking to their doctors.".

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