Friday, December 6, 2013

How does satellite tv perform
How does satellite tv perform
There is not just a single “Sky” satellite out there orbiting our blue planet, there is a cluster of them. New satellites are regularly becoming launched to change exhausted and previous ones.At any 1 time there are in between four & five satellites orbiting the planet. These satellites are close with each other. Close as in area terms is that they occupy an region in orbit of approx 100km squared. These satellites have the capability to modify their place so that they will remain in their place. They have little rocket boosters to assist, but ultimately they operate out of fuel and have to be changed.
The satellites which deliver down to us the sky & Freesat broadcasts are owned by a business known as “SES-Astra”. That’s why when we engineers are searching for these satellites our meters will study “Astra-1” as this is the right 1 in area to lock on to. The satellites obtain the Television broadcasts from Luxemburg. There is a massive dished beaming up the information each working day. That then is beamed down to your dish. The sign is decoded by your receiver or digi box and transformed into photos and sound.
The team of satellites are usually in the exact same region of orbit making certain that the sign becoming beamed to your sky dish is continuous. If the satellites had been to transfer out of “geostationary orbit” then you would shed your sign and quit getting your Sky or Freesat Television. This indicates that even although the earth rotates , the satellite cluster usually stays in the exact same place more than that specific component of our planet. That is why we can repair a sky dish on a wall or set place and get the sign all the time.
The team of satellites are about 24,ooo miles over the earth. That is why it requires specialists to lock a satellite dish on to the sign of the right team of satellites in orbit, so as to get you either Freesat or Sky Television. The dish has to be aligned completely so as to obtain all the Television broadcasts with out it obtaining glichy or dropping out altogether.

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