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The Outpost

The Outpost
The Outpost

The Outpost lies in the Makuleke Contractual Park, a vast and remote wilderness area bordered to the north by the Limpopo River and Zimbabwe and to the east by Crooks Corner and Mozambique.

The Big 5 Makuleke Contractual Park steps some 26 500 hectares and is well known for its abundant wildlife including less common species not obvious in the southern and central locations of the park. Apart from large herds of elephant and buffalo, guests will be able to see Nyala, an antelope which is not easily found in the more southern locations of the park, and over 350 recorded bird species. The diverse terrain of the location includes Mopane Woodlands, Fever Tree forests, Acacia thickets as well as some of the largest and oldest Baobab specimens.


The Heart of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

The Makuleke Contractual Park (also known as The Pafuri Triangle) is the result of a ground-breaking land assert settlement between the Makuleke people and the South African Countrywide Parks Board. The Park constitutes the northernmost section of the Kruger Countrywide Park, South Africa. The “triangle” is a wedge of land created by the confluence of the Limpopo and Luvuvhu Rivers at the tri-point Crook’s Corner, which forms a border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique together the Limpopo River. It is a natural choke point for wildlife crossing from North to South and again, and forms a distinctive ecological location.

This is a location of amazing range and the unique geology has created beautiful and varied topography.

The area has both semi-arid vegetation including numerous large baobabs as well as rich riverine forests with large Nyala trees.

While game, including the Big 5, is plentiful, one is most likely to encounter nyala, buffalo and bushbuck in the riverine areas and drier adapted game, including white rhino, in the uplands. The area is famous for its elephant and buffalo herds in wintertime, which come to drink from the Luvuvhu river. The Park offers over 350 species of birds, with an impressive list of specials.

General general public visitors to the Kruger Countrywide Park are only authorized to vacation on the main tar highway between the Pafuri Bridge over the Luvuvhu River and the Pafuri Gate. Only game drive vehicles belonging to the a few concessionaires are authorized to traverse the secondary dirt roadways. This greatly boosts the feeling of wilderness and remoteness that the Park offers.

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