Thursday, November 28, 2013

Simply no Climate Change in the Dominican Republic: sunshine, sun's light, sun!
Simply no Climate Change in the Dominican Republic: sunshine, sun's light, sun!
Lots of people think of a true Caribbean trip and an increasing amount of people really book one. Go and visit the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean island nation lies in between Cuba and Puerto Rica and is favorite by travelers seeking a stress-free beach getaway. With more then one thousand miles of coast line you can always discover that forgotten, attractive beach you dream about. And the little rural villages exhibit a typical Latino culture.... On the whole this is an incredible destination.

And the sun constantly shines here.... at least.. almost always. Sometimes a heavy tropical thunderstorm provides a enticing coolant to the always hot climate. However typically after 20 minutes or so clouds vanish and the sun is back. The months between December and April are the more popular months with international tourists. Those months are dry and sunny and the temperature tends to be a bit lower then in summer.

The island has an fascinating heritage. The whole colonization of the Americas began here. The most popular destination within the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana in the east. Expensive resorts dot the palm lined beaches. And the main attraction here are all these beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. But while visiting this heaven you might want to check out other regions too.

Near to Punta Cana you'll find Bayahibe, the access to Island Saona. A visit to the island Saona is the most popular excursion for visitors of Punta Cana. Safaris and cultural tours are offered also. Experienced guides show you how locals reside here. If you travel with young children you may want to have a look at Tanama Jungle Ranch. A project on the banks of the river Chavon, exhibiting an array of native animals.

These and plenty of other trips are offered to you by the travel representatives after you arrive in the country. However it is way cheaper to book excursions prior to arriving on the internet. It is possible to book directly with the excursion providers and you will save up to 40%. You can check out the web for the different offers. By looking at review websites like you can verify the quality via an unbiased source.

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